Wedding Photography

Hi, I'm Valerie. I shoot for couples who are looking for natural, relaxed & beautiful wedding photography.Capturing the day just as it happens,the atmosphere & happiness of the occasion.

My approach to wedding photography is very relaxed. Whether you want to call it documentary wedding photography or reportage wedding photography, it all amounts to the same thing; I generally won’t stop the flow, or boss you around (too much!). In short, you’ll barely know I’m there, which means you can enjoy the day knowing every moment is being captured.


New Born Photography

Capturing a newborn to me is as good as it gets. Firstly I want to take a minute to let you know that as your photographer I couldn’t be any more passionate about capturing your little precious gift. Their tiny little hands, feet, eyelashes and all their newness and delicate features that is unique and makes up who they are.


Boudoir Photography

So what is a 'boudoir' session? and
- the bigger question -
Should I get one done?

A Boudoir session is where you don lingerie, sexy dresses & clothes or, simply put: scantily clad, with your best hair and face on and get your photographs taken.

But Why?
Well it makes a great gift for your husband/boyfriend/significant other/girlfriend/wife etc get the idea. A fantastic gift of an album of pictures of you looking your sexy best.

Great idea for a pre-wedding or wedding gift between partners.

Make it a girls outing and have a session to share between friends.

Do it because YOU love YOU....

Don't worry about body types, we can work with you to ensure your photos only flatter!
And Gentlemen, you aren't missed out, we can work with you to show off your best side too...

Our boudoir photos are kept under lock and key, if you would like an example of our work just ask...

Valerie's Photography

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